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Disaster Supply Kit for Pets

During a disaster often uncertainty and time play against your best intentions and family pets can be lost in the process.

Below is a simple check list of items you might include in a "grab and go" kit for your pet that can save time and avoid an unwanted second disaster the loss of a friend.

  • Proper identification
  • Immunization records
  • County license rabies tag
  • Food and water (2 wks. supply)
  • A carrier or portable kennel
  • Medications
  • Muzzle, collar and leash
  • Manual can opener
  • Current photo of pet
  • Feeding and water bowls
  • Favorite toys and blanket
  • Cat litter/pan and scoop
  • Grooming items
  • Plastic bags to handle waste
Katrina victim rescue

 Pinellas County Emergency Preparedness

Pinellas County Animal Services

(727) 582-2600

American Veterinary Association Disaster Guide

Saving the Whole Family

Free Download

 If you must evacuate, find Pet Friendly accomodations in Florida at Bring Fido

Learn how to save a life, learn CPR, your best friend relies on you


American Humane has worked to protect animals since 1877, providing a voice for the nation's most vulnerable.



Preparation Tips:

  • Plan for your pet well in advance if you live in an evacuation area. Write down your plan or create a check list.
  • Take your pet when you evacuate. Know your evacuation route and when you will evacuate.
  • Ask friends or family living outside of evacuation areas if they can keep your pet.
  • Make sure you have a collar and leash for keeping your pet under control.
  • Keep a pet carrier (portable kennel) for each pet – one that allows your pet to stand and turn around. The carrier should be marked with your pet’s identification.
  • Make sure all your pet’s vaccinations are current and have proof available of its current county-issued rabies vaccination.
  • Pack supplies for your pet including current veterinary records, a two-week supply of food and water, medications with instructions, bowls, favorite toy and blanket, cat litter/pan, plastic bags, collar/leash, disinfectants to handle pet wastes and a current photo of you with your pet.
  • If you must use a kennel as a last resort, make sure it is not in an evacuation zone and reserve space as soon as possible. Kennels require proof of vaccinations.

Make sure your pet has proper identification with either a collar tag or a microchip implant. Have proof of current county-issued rabies vaccination available. A license is your pet’s ticket home.

Download printable Pet ID Form. Fill out the form and adhere to your pet carrier or kennel. This form will contain all needed information about your pet for your stay at a Pinellas County pet-friendly shelter. 


2 simple forms that will help protect your pets when you're not available. Fill in your pet's information, print and save a copy with your records, it will speak for your friend when you can't. 

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Contingency Plan complete.pdf Contingency Plan complete.pdf
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Emergency contact fill_in.pdf Emergency contact fill_in.pdf
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