When you can't breathe nothing else matters; Baby a 10 year old cockatiel suffering respiratory distress is spending this first weekend of the new year at Florida Veterinary Specialists in Tampa http://www.floridaveterinaryspecialists.com/ her best chance for survival, close observation and the cool environment of a pure oxygen atmosphere.

Baby's owner found For Paws Hospice through a friend network and the volunteers immediately knew this small bird needed their help. The first call to FVS one of the country's premier veterinary hospitals began the process and now Baby has the care and attention her owners so badly needed for her. 

The fight has just begun and Baby needs your help. Baby's care has already mounted to more than $1000; to help pay for Baby's care please direct a donation to Baby through Pay Pal / For Paws Hospice - any amount will help. Thank you and Happy New Year