Thanks to the Humane Society and our own Dr. Kevin, For Paws now has a new old soul to keep our paws firmly on the ground. George's story is one as a beat kat on the streets I've seen too often.

George is 14 a surprising age for somebody who has lived on the streets his whole life. The fact that George survived may be because of his friend and life companion - we'll call him Jeff because HS records protect confidential personal information - who raised George from puppy hood while struggling with his own homelessness.

Photo by Rebecca Brittain

Jeff finally surrendered George to Humane S when he could no longer care for his aging companion and George could no longer keep up. HS found George tethered to their fence one morning and took him in. George is not sick just an old guy who has spent too many days on concrete and sparse rations with the only person who has ever loved him and now loved him enough to give him up.

George we found out is a one person dog, a breed we had never heard of, an old breed a working dog bred with wild dogs - Aussie dingoes - a silent herder cross breed called
Blue Heelers.

Blues are barkless, will bond with one person, fearless and keep contact by touching their nose to their companion's leg. They keep a tail tuck and have prominent, erect ears, a bull dog countenance and need a purpose. We guess George's purpose was to keep Jeff herded.

George has bothers now: Duncan- twenty, Nikki and Max both six and a family of cats whom he respects but also ignores. We hope Jeff who loved his friend and gave him a chance to live now has someone to take care of him.