Bonnie and Clyde, two cats that came to hospice in June have been adopted.  Their companion voluntarily surrendered them when it became apparent that her illness would no longer permit her to care for them.

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Their new home is with a family who saw the brother and sister photo on the Taxi dog’s blog and decided that the two would be a welcome addition to their own family. 
For Paws Hospice is a service community of veterinarians, pet therapists, dog walkers, groomers and volunteers who care deeply about the relationship between animals and their human companions.

Hospice recognizes that the human–animal bond is not always an easy relationship, that life happens and sometimes a family needs help. Whether it’s assistance with a veterinary visit, supplemental pet food or just a simple afternoon spent pet sitting Hospice volunteers are ready to make a difference in some pet family’s life.

Hospice is a not for profit service organization. If you would like to help the pets in your community and improve their quality of life contact Taxi dog or any one of the others volunteers at For Paws Hospice today.