For Paws Hospice, thanks to Taxi dog and our friends a Sunset Point Animal Hospital, is now officially open for business and what a business it's gonna be. 

Meet Bonnie and Clyde two long haired tabbys with charm to spare but a little broken hearted for now; their mom had to give them up, she has entered a nursing care facility. It is unfortunately a life drama that happens all too often, families and companion animals find themselves no longer able to maintain the happy, supportive relationship they've come to depend on. Hopice got the call for help Friday night - time to go to work...
Anyway, Taxi dog was there bright and early Monday morning to collect B&C and off to the vets. An hour later all checked out, the two litter mates were off to new temporary digs and hopefully a new home with a new family, but Taxi knows they'll always remember the mom who cared enough to give them up for adoption.

To find out how you can adopt these loving, gentle 3 year old tabbys call For Paws Hospice at 727.784.7773 or email us at