Just in time for the holiday season it's Carnival of the Dog Blogs edition 6. First off from Online Veterinary Technicial Schools'  Mrs. Laughton a little dog history, Top 10 Presidential Pets: The Nation’s First Dogs and Cats

Nearly every president of the U.S. has had at least one pet. Animals provide us with affection and comfort, and many presidents have enjoyed the companionship of the animal world... But the most popular pets, as one might expect, are dogs and cats.


Next up from Debbie Foster at Pet Prattle and Products  some rules to teach by:

“For all Rover’s virtues, there’s one character flaw in general,” the author writes, “Dogs find that roast on the countertop irresistible.”

Controlling Bad Dog Behaviors


and again from Pet Prattle and Products the question What Happens To Your Pet When You Pass?


Next from Gary Mullen at
World of Pets Blog
50 ways to entertain your dog

Struggling to think of ways to entertain your dog? This blog offers up fifty solutions some might even entertain you.


Veterinary Technician Schools Online Liz Taylor has this very interesting list of the Top 10 persistent pet myths that just won’t die.

With love of pets leading to some amazing and outrageous beliefs, don’t wait for your next vet visit to begin researching.

And now the The Paw Blog  gives some thoughts on


“Canine hip dysplasia a developmental condition that afflicts millions of dogs worldwide, particularly larger breed dogs.” The author(s) maintain that, “By careful breeding and management of dogs, the painful and crippling effects of hip dysplasia could be largely prevented.”


Pet Chatter 's Debbra Lupien, wants to know, “What is so special about doodles? Why would anyone want to cross a St. Bernard with a poodle? What are they thinking?!”


Beth Lowell, Mysterious  Beautiful  discusses The only holistic supplement you and your pet will ever need! Ever thoughful Beth says, “I prefer ‘Holistic’ to ‘alternative.’ ;-)


Dog Spelled Forward's Eric Goebelbecker tells his readers Five Ways to Stop Your Dog From Jumping On People .

Eric says It’s important to keep in mind that dogs jump up because they want to greet people. They jump to get our attention and/or to reach our face. It is not a dominant behavior, regardless of what some say. - Metro k adds I'd settle for one way to stop five dogs jumping on me, oh well. 


Nancy H - you know, our Carnival Ring Master at Way Cool Dogs presents 5 dog tips for a turkey safe thanksgiving... plus a little Turkey Triva for a fun side dish.


A new comer from The Animal Broadcast Network Nancy has a dog bone to pick with designer dogs, well not the dogs exactly.

In a world where all too often there is simply not enough food, clean water or shelter for millions of stray companion animals it just make sense... to stop breeding and buying “designer dogs" and provide homes to the ones we already have.


and our own Taxi dog at For Paws Hospice  has put together a seasonal reminder that Homeless Hurts: one estimate puts the number of homeless in America at 3.5 million; no one knows how many pets live with their owners on the street.

This season you can help by making a contribution to feed homeless pets through the Hungry Bowl Food Drive in your community or start your own at:

And lastly if you're already frantic over holiday shopping some timely tips on  

Gifts that will make this Christmas bough-wow

Looking for a special gift this holiday for a best friend pet or a best friend’s best friend, try these suggestions from around town and on the net.

Proving that gift giving is from the heart and not just the wallet a few inexpensive gift ideas that will mean a lot under the tree not to just the four legged but their human companions as well.

A gift of yourself often says more than diamonds or puppy chow, how about pledging an evening of pet sitting so new pet owners can enjoy an evening out and about; or perhaps an entire weekend and let the human companions have a romantic getaway or a weekend out of town. This can be especially thoughtful for folks with older pets who might not tolerate a stay in a boarding kennel.

Another thoughtful gift that won’t drain your seasonal gift allowance, a “My Pet Wallet Card” from For Paws Hospice. The downloadable wallet card is a proven life saver for people who might by accident or other circumstances beyond their control risk leaving a companion animal home alone. The card, which can be laminated and carried in your wallet lets responders know that you have a pet at home. Download and print the free card at: George's Lagacy http://www.forpawshospice.org/georges-legacy.php

Staying with that theme, how about a water proof ID tag for the furry ones in your life? They’ll appreciate the new thing and you’ll rest easier knowing that an accidental change in the weather won’t result in a lost buddy.

Of course every-buddy needs a buddy so consider a gift that gives both ways, a new companion for your companion. Shelters are overflowing with animals that need a good home. Ask any animal; caring for two is not much more difficult than caring for one and both will enjoy the company and the thoughtful human who brings them together.

If your friend and friend’s companion are the outdoor types, consider a year-long pass to a local dog park of similar recreational facility. Dogs and people will enjoy a shared experience in the great outdoors

A gift of good grooming is always welcome, perhaps not for your best human friends, but dogs and cats love to be pampered.  A grooming session will cost $50 to $80, depending on the breed.

Give someone a pre-paid wellness check up with a local veterinarian. This can be a good way to introduce a new pet owner to a trusted vet or to gently assist an owner and pet with the cost of good health through the year;  from $120 - $240 including exam, lab tests, license and shots.

A year’s worth of tick and flea preventative will set you back about $150; don’t go cheap here check with a veterinarian, some animals have allergies to lower cost off the shelf brands.

For new pets as well as older pets and their owners a certificate from Bark Busters “Natural Training” is a great gift that will last a lifetime. Bark Busters train in the home using a gentle method and the results are acclaimed by SPCA International; find a local Bark Busters at http://www.barkbusters.com/index.cfm. Ranging from $400-$600 this is a pricey gift however considering that Bark Busters guarantee a life time of companionable behavior the price is worth every penny. Oh, and the training is really for the humans; dogs already know how to be dogs.

If all this sounds too personal; if it’s your bosses’ dog or just that of a casual friend you can’t beat a good toy. Hands down the best dog toy in the world as voted by Planet Dog Magazine, http://www.planetdog.com/home/ is the Kong, instead of being a stocking stuffer this durable chew toy gets stuffed with your dog’s favorite treat. See all the Kong toys at http://www.kongcompany.com/

Some other best bet, shop on-line resources for pet and pet people gift giving where you can find gifts ranging from very expensive to discounted are: Bamboo Pet http://www.bamboopet.com/ , a manufacturer/sales outlet, Love of Dog Bakery http://www.loveofdogbakery.com/for homemade bakery gift baskets, and Helping Udders http://www.helpingudders.com/  a socially responsible retailer.