We hired a new associate editor this week cause hey, we can’t do this all by ourselves.

He’s green sure but not from lack of experience; a former city desk editor at
Greener Magazine Metro kat comes to Taxi dog blog with ten years of experience covering city hall, crime and the occasional celebrity cat fight.

Metro k will be taking over as editor of editorials here at Taxi and we’re sure you’ll like his restaurant reviews as well...
Later, Taxi d

I'm torn today because I wanted to bring you something sassy and upbeat for my first editorial on TD but then a reader sent me this and well, you have to see for yourself. It's about a new kind of rescue called Coalition to Unchain Dogs this is their story. I can't add anything so watch now and  see you here tomorrow. Metro k

"untethered" trailer from Halle Amick on Vimeo.