Welcome to the fifth National Dog Bloggers Carnival sponsored by Nancy Houser and Way Cool Dogs. This month the carnival is brought to you by Taxi dog (that’s me) and For Paws Hospice so sit back and enjoy the ride ... we’ll have you there in no time!


Step right up. Step just in!

One look to see is all it takes.

Dawwgie, dawwgie.

C’mon in, you’ll see, you’ll win.

They say first impressions last forever so we’ll get this out of the way first off.

Dealing with bad breath in dogs An anonymous - can you blame them – health note from Pets Central.com that begins, "We are not the only ones who suffer from bad breath," and then proceeds to give some sensible advice on Fido’s oral hygiene. Maybe finish breakfast first.

And in keeping with the same vein of anonymity a piece from Anything for Animals titled Caring for your elderly cat or dog, which does a very nice job of describing some of the more subtle issues of aging and pet care. Just a note, toward the end of the piece the author mentions getting, "A tiny torch for cats," Now that took a minute but notice the URL is in the UK, I think they mean a small flashlight.

Next we step back in time to 2007 to welcome a new carny, the death defying dog walker Linda Ward, who wants us to meet A dog named Fred. Linda’s business is dogs and cats and we suspect that’s good for them. Another Brit, Linda’s website Boredom Busters sounds fit for a king and she’s promised to keep us up to date with more tales of His Royal Fredness.

It’s a second British Invasion as we continue from the UK with Kittie Austin from The Dog Training Manual. This one about a boy named Fig (it’s English) and a perilous ride home from the shelter starts out like a Holmesian adventure, "The journey home from the dog shelter was a very anxious one..." So, read on if you dare...A journey home

Back in the States here is a timely offering from Pet Prattle and Products advising how to Protect your pet during the heat. Now here’s something we didn’t know July is UV Safety Month, in Florida we have always taken UV to mean unoccupied vehicle but we guess it could stand for ultra-violet as well anyway, point taken keep Bowser away from both. Thanks to Triple P and Debbie Foster for keeping our pets Way Cool. Sorry Nancy, I couldn’t help myself...Ladies and Gentlemen our Carnival sponsor Nancy Houser at Way Cool Dogs.com.

Eastern healing arts and traditional western therapeutic practice merge in Natural acupuncture and pets by Nancy Houser at Way cool Dogs. Nancy examines the use of natural acupuncture in both veterinary and non-traditional pet health care practice.


Give me shelter by our own Taxi dog here at For Paws Hospice examines the disturbing relationship between domestic violence and pet abuse but offers a solution called PAWS.

More training now- for those of us who need it – from Dog Training with this fascinating course Basics of training that talks about "bonding", "needs", "instinct" and "trust" and that’s just the humans.

Hold on to the babys and pack up your old ladies this one is a marathon of nothing but good advice from sister Maddy’s medicine show: Basic pet care-dogs find it at Ooffoo.

(Somebody tell us how to pronounce that!)

Baltimore’s Dog Examiner Katelyn Thomas weighs in next with an informative heads up about HN38 or Canine Flu and what to be on the lookout for in Dog flu prevention tips, sobering.

And as if that wasn’t scary enough step right up ladies and gentlemen if you dare and meet the GUFFLY and its strange collection of odds, ends and curiosities from the far corners of the world including Bamboo needs organic toys, you’ll be amazed.

Shelley Munro
writes a poignant homage to a family member named Scotty. Quality of life is at once a remarkable story of rescue and sharing and the palliative care that can only strengthen their bond.

Now would probably be a good time to catch your breath, get a cup of coffee and sit, stay and read this little tome by Robin Boddy, Professional dog walkers at Your Dog Supply Blog, I know we did and we’re exhausted just think about it, go kvetch!

Marina Coric takes up the keyboard in praise of poodles, a no nonsense approach to Loving standard poodles. Hey, no kidding it’s at Dogs’ Info Planet and we agree, Poodles are great dogs but they’re lousy tippers, ya know.

Carnival attracts folks for all kinds of reasons; for some it’s the bright lights or the daredevil rides for others it’s facing up to their worst fears, those things that go bump in the night are somehow less frightening in the din and dust of the midway. Beth Lowell, Mysterious Beautiful pulls back the curtain and reveals what lies behind The fearful dog dilemma

Here’s one for the book, the Book of Lists that is and the longest title yet 100 great sites to satisfy your daily cute pet pics fix by L. Fabry. Thanks Veterinary Technical Schools Online for all the love and all the homework; Turns out this is also a great place to research your latent vet tech ambitions. Go for it we say the more medicos out there the better.

All good things must come to an end and what better way to say take it home than giving the final say to Jake the dog who explains How to use a leash for dog training. OK Jake but come clean who is really being trained here? Our money’s on the people and just in case you’re wondering Jake writes his blog at Dog Training Pet.

So that’s the show

Freaks and geeks and some Kokomo

Come back again, time to go

Taxi dog

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