To all our new readers from Sacramento Connect Extranet welcome.

Just a word of explanation then please take some time and explore. Yes, we're located in Florida which is a lot like CA but with more beaches and alas, fewer vineyards. To be more accurate, we're in Tampa Bay with all its rich heritage of spanish exploration, Cuban cigars and people who get excited about their pets; like Sacramento we have lots and lots of dogs here.

I work for For Paws Hospice, at least that's who pays the bills for this internet acreage and so I thought it would be a great idea if we could get Sacramento Connects to pony up some extra space and we'd be connecting to two great communities on different coasts, kind of a twofer, ya know.

We like pets, and pet families and we love Sacramento so seemed like a match made in...well you get the idea.

As I said, I do the driv'n around here but only as far as the company is concerned, when you're in my cab you're the boss and we'll go anywhere you want. So sit back, relax and where to, the flag is down.

Taxi dog

First stop, lets eat! I know where the food is fresh and the prices are right, One Dog's Kitchen. There's a menu in the seat back for you.