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 All Pets Kitchen 

Your donations support our programs helping animals in need:
  • Pet Food for All Pets Kitchen

  • All brands of dog and cat food
    Single serving packages for Meals on Wheels

  • Animal supplies

  • Wheelchairs for Bosco's list
    Litter (non-scoopable)
    Dog and cat beds
    Clean blankets
    Kitty condos
    Pet carriers
    Pet toys, collars, leashes, sweaters

Veterinary Free Clinic

  • Veterinary Free Clinic (If you are a veterinarian replacing equipment or about to retire, we can use a hand up with your hand me downs)

Exam tables, exam room equipment

Surgical equipment and supplies


Ambulance and equipment

Stainless steel shelving


Grooming tables, equipment

Wet bath stations


Linens, linen service


Naming Sponsorship


Give your name to the Veterinary Free Clinic with a one time bequest.

Contact For Paws Hospice 727.639.9285

Corporate Sponsorship

  • $2500 Annual
  • $5000 Supporting
  • $25,000 Sustaining
  • $50,000 Second clinic location
  • $100,000

If you wish to make a directed donation to one of the hospice animals or to a specific program, please contact us at 727.639.9285

Bosco's List

 Recycled pet wheel chair donor program

Bosco in his new wheels

In December 2009 For Paws Hospice received a request for help finding a used wheel chair for Bosco a 21 year old Dachshund; three days later Bosco had his wheels through the kindness of a donor who had a used wheel cart; Bosco's List was born.  

Donate a Cart

If you have a used cart and want to make it available for a family in need to reuse contact For Paws Hospice at 727.639.9285. We will refurbish the cart and our trained volunteer veterinary technicians will fit the cart to the recipient animal following up with therapy home visits until the pet adjusts to using its new wheels. There is no cost to the recipient family.

Donated carts can be used many times over to help an unlimited number of animals. All donations are tax deductible.

Call today and give the gift of mobility for life.

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