Mom's taking the heat but you have to know it was my idea. Raising money and awareness for any animal charity today is difficult. Everything you see on the internet, television and email is so sad that you almost become desensitized. My idea was to do something that, while still dealing with a serious topic, could still be fun. 

I have taunted my 'human dad' into accepting my challenge to eat dog food for dinner for 30 days straight. We will be videotaping it and posting it both here on this page and on the Lucky Dog Cuisine youtube channel. 

We are going to have some fun with this so expect the unexpected. Special guests may get 

a chance to join him so please check in every day in the month of October to follow his progress. 

Please email, message or just plain tell everyone you know to join us as well. We really want to get the message out about Hospice care for dogs and Canine Cancer Awareness. 

Thanks for your help.

Bugsy Wonderdog

Day 8, Bugs is getting a little impatient - did somebody say "food fight?"

Day 6 The Diner Party and on the seventh day a "staycation" in Hilton Head for pet charities For Paws Hospice and Canine Cancer Awareness


Day 4 and 5 of the 30 day challenge


Day 3 Pink-nic in the Park

 Day Two: At home with Lucky Dog

First night at Hilton Head's famous Bistro 17

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